The Italian agricultural machinery company, Celli, is offering a wide range of bedformers, rotary tillers, power harrows and subsoilers that are well suited for the land cultivated with cereals and vegetables in Mediterranean Africa, and also for various crops of Kenya and South Africa.

The company takes pride in its innovations as they are born from thorough research.

“Celli’s solutions have always been born from attention and deep knowledge of the operators’ needs together with a deep analysis of the features of the soil and the different crops. The company has been an Italian leader in the design, construction and distribution of professional machines for soil preparation during the last 60 years.

“Celli products (all produced in Italy) distinguish by a high degree of customization (machines designed on the specific needs of the operators) and are able to optimize their work thanks to their modularity: a single machine can obtain different types of soil cultivation through simple adjustments.” Reads the company’s statement.

The company’s machinery is universally recognized for stiffness and durability over time: its products are capable of working in hard and stony soils that can be met in the cereal and horticultural crops of the Maghreb (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco); at the same time, they have reportedly achieved excellent results in recent years on the South African market, a country which is popular for the diversity of its crops (from corn to forage, horticulture and viticulture).

Bedformers are among the best-selling solutions that have established themselves in the market in recent years.

They effectively treat stony and particularly hard soils, preparing an adequate seedbed to the most varied types of cultivation, even considering the presence of crop residues.

Bedformers represent the ideal solutions for crops that require pre-formed seedbeds; they are also available on request in the multi-bed versions, capable of creating different beds of various widths, thanks to the multiple adjustments of the shape of the bedformers.

Celli’s innovations over the years have brought to the possibility of obtaining a double functionality in the rotation of the rotor in folding machines: the sense of rotation can be inverse with respect to the direction of travel of the machine (a typical feature for stone buriers) or standard rotation (like in normal rotary tillers). This shows how Celli carries on its idea of modularity and multifunctionality, allowing operators to perform multiple kinds of tillage with a single working tool.


Among the various models in the range, the fixed stone buriers – bedformers ARES and LOTHAR stand out. The first is an extremely innovative and versatile solution that can be combined with a seeder thus obtaining a double functionality of cultivation. This combined solution boasts a maximum power of 110 HP (81 KW) and can work the soil up to a depth of 22 cm.; it is thus able to prepare an adequate seedbed even in the presence of crop residues, guaranteeing drainage and permeability to the soil.

The LOTHAR stone burrier, on the other side, can refine the hardest and stony soils up to 25 cm. depth. Having a maximum power of 190 HP, it is also available in a folding version (LOTHAR P) of 280 HP, in various working widths and also matched with a bedformer (LOTHAR P / BF). The range is then completed with the SUPER LOTHAR / P, which can be connected to high-power tractors (up to 450 HP), ensuring a high versatility of the offer also in terms of performance.

Talking about flexible solutions, the MINIGO and GO fixed rotary harrows also need a mention. Both can be equipped with an electrically operated mechanical seed drill: a single machine to work the soil in-depth, preparing the seedbed and finalizing the seeding.

In addition to power harrows, rotary tillers have always been a very important part of the Celli range: a wide and complete program, ranging from smaller machines (such as the “bestsellers” B, DE and E) to more professional products such as ERGON and PIONEER.

In addition to PTO-run soil tillage machines, Celli has also added in recent years a line of subsoilers, useful for carrying out the first tillage operation before proceeding with further steps to refine the soil.

Celli thus confirms its attention to farmers’ needs. Thanks to this attitude, the company actually offers a range of professional machines that can be considered among the most complete on the market (over 100 models of 10 different types), with solutions suitable for all types of soil and cultivation, as well as able to meet the needs of each customer. Celli machines are actually distributed to more than 70 countries, featuring technical innovations now considered as market standards and registered patents exported all over the world. Production stands at 4 thousand units per year, all manufactured in its Italian factory.