Two precision agriculture experts have called on governments at all levels to encourage farmers to adopt Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) systems to curb food insecurity.

The experts made the call in separate interviews with the newsmen in Abuja recently. Precision agriculture (PA) is an advanced innovation and optimized field-level management strategy used in agriculture that aims to improve the productivity of resources in agriculture fields.

Thus PA is a new advanced method in which farmers provide optimized inputs such as water and fertilizer to enhance productivity, quality, and yield. An Agriculture Analyst, Mr. Akin Alabi, said that it was possible to adopt CSA farming systems in Nigeria.

Alabi, who is the co-founder of Corporate Farmers International, said that if farmers had a good understanding of the modalities with which CSA operated, it would yield a good harvest for them.

“Every average farmer needs to adopt this kind of precision farming system to boost food security. We cannot continue to rely on the traditional means of farming. “It actually takes some level of education and training to adopt climate-smart agriculture systems like Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Greenhouse farming, etc.

“We also need some form of climate change control and adaptation to practice CSA systems.