In Oyo State, Nigeria, Olubunmj Agbato is the Chief Executive Officer of B-Spice Fish (a subsidiary of Bspice goods and services limited).

Her company transforms fish into ten different goods, and it has received worldwide funding.

Agbato speaks on her experiences as a woman in agriculture.

She has six ponds on her fish farm.

Agbato earned her bachelor’s degree in aquaculture and fisheries management before starting her fish farming firm in 2017.

Associations have helped and informed a good number of farmers in Nigeria, and Agbato is a member of the Fish Farmers Organisation of Nigeria (FFON) and also the Fishery Society of Nigeria (FSN).

While the capital for the business was from her own pocket, in 2020 she received funding from an international organisation. She says what attracted this international organisation was the creativity of her business.

She says that with the catfish farming, her business has about 10 other products, including fish powder which can be included in baby food to increase their nutrition, fish pellets, fish oil, fish cake, fish cookies, etc. “Those actually leave a way for us in the market because people could find something different than the regular fish processors”, she said.