The All-New 9R-Series Tractor now with more Power, Better Technology & Improved Comfort.

The agricultural farming behemoth John Deere has introduced a new offering in the agriculture industry in the form of the new 9R-Series.

Through a press statement, the company said the 9R-Series is a contender the largest, strongest and most technologically advanced in the market.

“There is a new player in town. Designed to maximise time in the field while optimising yield, the new 9R-Series is the latest contender for the largest, strongest and most technologically advanced John Deere Tractor on the market in Africa and the Middle East. This tractor is a beast,” the company said.

The new 9R-Series, according to the manufacturer, provides maximum power and cutting-edge precision ag technology. The revised 9R-Series range, which includes all of the original 9R characteristics, is the only tractor series on the market that offers a wheeled (9R), two-track (9RT), and four-track (9RX) configuration to assure optimal performance, effectiveness, and efficiency on all types of soil. It helps farmers to cover more territory in less time, with more accuracy and quality, while lowering operating expenses and providing a larger, more comfortable cab.

The new 9R-Series Tractors will also be fitted with the ground-breaking John Deere PowerTechTM 13.6L (830-cu in) engine, according to the manufacturer.

The all-new 13.6L engine, designed for improved performance and dependability, provides 390-590 horsepower, superior fuel efficiency, and solid engine capacity throughout the day. This is accomplished through the use of a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) system with a hydraulic fan drive. The 13.6L engine has 13.5 per cent more horsepower than the 13.5L engine, 3% higher fluid economy, 50% less engine noise, a 27% improvement in repairability, and a 13% reduction in maintenance expenses.

The new 9R-Series was created with farmers’ demanding everyday duties in mind. The operator station now has additional headroom, a wider entry path, a larger integrated refrigerator, new seat options, touchscreen radio, footrests, and more to give optimum operator comfort and convenience. Select, Premium, and Ultimate cab packages are available on all 9R-Series Tractors.

“At John Deere, we understand that efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability lies at the core of every sustainable agricultural operation. Equipped to deal with any challenge you may encounter out in the field, the upgraded 9R-Series is the perfect solution to deliver differentiated value to customers,” reads the press statement.